Dar Mo Da Riad in Marrakech
Before dinner, enjoy a relaxing steam or invigorating scrub in the soft light of the riad’s beautiful marble hammam. Or book a relaxing massage with our qualified masseur and appreciate the special qualities of Morocco’s unique Argane oil.
The arabs of the 7th century, and later the ottoman Turks, perfected the ancient art of the hammam, which to this days is referred to as "the silent doctor" for its health and wellness related properteis. The hammam's steam bath helps one eliminate stress, toxins and impurities by sweating. The hammam is an intimate and inviting place that rids one of tension and daily worries, either alone or as a couple.
Black Soap
An almost magical product for the skin, black soap is a 100% plant-based exfoliating paste, made from olive oil, ground olive pits, and eucalyptus, which softens, cleanses, and nourishes the skin, while preparing the skin for subsequent body scrubs.
Kessa body scrub
The kessa is a traditional grainy-texured Moroccan glove, made of crepe de Chine. Used with black soap, it is used for exceptional body scrubs, ridding the skin of its impurities while improving blood circulation.
This natural product, made from desert crystals that have been softened with orange water or rose water, is used as a mask for the face or body. It's wonderful for the muscular system, both firming and moisturizing.
Body scrub
One should not miss having this done. Using steam and a special glove, dead skin and impurities that have built up are removed by a trained specialist, while you relax on a heated marble platform. You are left with immaculate skin, and a reinvigorated circulatory system.

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